Many people are not comfortable sleeping naked, and that’s fine! Not everyone is going to be comfortable sleeping naked, however, it is important to acknowledge the benefits on sleeping naked when it comes to not only your health and well-being, but your love life as well.

Deeper Sleep

Certain forms of insomnia have been tied to faulty regulation of body temperature. According to The Los Angeles Sleep Study Institute, improper body temperature regulation not only throws off your regular sleep cycle, but it also impairs you from drifting into a deeper sleep state.

When you sleep naked, it allows your body to regulate its temperature properly so you don’t over heat and wake up in a sweaty mess.

Keeps You Young

Also relating to body temperature, according to Natasha Turner, the true beauty sleep happens when you keep your temperature below 21 degrees Celsius while in bed. The best way to do that? Sleeping naked!

Healthy Sex Organs

For the women out there, you can reduce your chance of a yeast infection by simple sleeping naked! Yeast thrives in warm, moist environments; like your underwear.

For the guys? Sleeping naked also increases fertility because the testes are kept at an adequate temperature. You can thank us later!

Improved Circulation

Don’t you just hate it when you wake up because your elastic waistline is all twisted around and cutting off blood flow? Take those silly pants off and you’ll have blood pumping evenly all throughout your body!

Beautiful Skin

When you wear clothes all day, your body never gets a chance to truly breathe. If you have body acne, or even just a couple pimples here and there on your back, it might be time to air those places out and let them get some oxygen. Your body deserves true freedom at some point during your life… why not while you sleep?

Elsa’s in Trouble 
With the Law 
and You Won’t Believe Why

It would appear that the only authorities willing to risk going after Frozen's Arendelle royalty is the police department of Harlan, Kentucky. The station posted this Facebook status on Wednesday morning issuing a warrant for the fictional queen's arrest.

While the station is just making light of an undesirable situation, they're also trying to warn people to stay safe and warm. And even though they're not patrolling the streets for the ice queen, the warrant is the real deal. Maybe they should just...let it go.

Diplomatic immunity or not, Elsa had better knock it off with all the ice and snow. Come back, summer. We miss you.

A Sex-Themed Park

A sex-themed park is opening up in Taiwan?

Tourism officials’ in Taiwan are planning to open an erotic theme park in hopes of attracting more tourists to the country. The park, to be named “Romantic Boulevard” will be build on a 37-mile stretch of land along the coast and will come complete with heart-shaped arches, a glass church and outdoor garden filled with erotic sculptures of people as well as animals in a variety of sex positions.